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About The Colony

The Colony real estate is located in a city within Denton County and is a suburb of Dallas. It is a newer city in the metroplex and offers a desirable mix of rural living with a city lifestyle. With a population of roughly 40,000 people, homes for sale in The Colony are desirable to many. The Nebraska Furniture Mart complex is part of the largest retail and entertainment destinations of its kind in North America, with an estimated 8 million visitors annually. As the city continues to build infrastructure, housing developments continue to expand providing much needed The Colony homes for sale.

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Timing your move to The Colony

One of the most challenging aspects of deciding to buy The Colony homes for sale is going to be the timing. If you currently rent, then ideally the closing of your new home in The Colony would coincide with the end of your lease. If you are selling before you can purchase real estate in The Colony then the timing can be particularly challenging. Regardless of your specific circumstance, we will help you organize your move so that the dream of purchasing a The Colony home for sale can be yours! Here are a few ideas to help you carefully consider the timing of your search for The Colony homes for sale.

  • Deadlines: Are you moving to the area for a job? Do you need to be out of your apartment in 90 days? Hard deadlines are one of the most important parameters to consider when deciding when to start searching homes for sale in The Colony. Let us know any restrictions you have on your move and we will help you to determine the best time to start looking for The Colony real estate.
  • Expectations: Are you open minded about the type of The Colony homes for sale you are looking for? Do you want to be in a specific neighborhood with homes for sale in The Colony? Depending on how specific your homes for sale in The Colony home search is will impact home many homes are available that match your criteria. The more particular you are about real estate in The Colony, the more time you may need to find the perfect home.
  • Upcoming Events: Are you expecting an upcoming change in your life? Does a promotion, marriage, or baby change the way you feel about your current home in The Colony? Often times we try to coordinate changes in our life with changes in our home. Let us know what you have going on and we can help you to make your life and your new home in The Colony a seamless transition!

Our experienced team of realtors is here to help you find the perfect The Colony homes for sale, and to make the timing of your move as perfect as possible!

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